Hailey Bieber Fronts the Alexander Wang x Bvlgari Campaign

The iconic Serpenti Forever Bag gets the makeover we didn't know we needed until now.
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Bvlgari's "Serpenti Through the Eyes Of” got its start in 2017 with shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, sparking a series of fashion creatives offering their interpretation on the brand's Serpenti Forever Bag. Now, Alexander Wang has given the iconic bag its latest makeover just in time for New York Fashion Week, so even after switching last year to a June and December showing schedule, he is bound to remain a topic of conversation this September. The designer's inspiration? Taking elements of luxury packaging, which usually serves a transient background role when purchasing or gifting a product, and using them to create something desirable.

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With a nod to Bvlgari's heritage as a jewelry house, Wang takes inspiration from traditional goods packaging, such as the watch box, the dust bag, and the paper shopping bag, breathing new life into the iconic design. Deep within a culture of consumerism, this choice taps into the cultural mindset and, in a way, creates the most luxe versions of reusable packaging. Wang also drew on the vintage Bvlgari serpent head jewel from the 1950s as inspiration for new hardware, saying: "It was a nod to the sinful woman, and that was something I could relate to. I always think about a thrill-seeker when I design." 

The result is six styles that comprise an eclectic mix of innovative shapes and traditional silhouettes, blending Wang's high-low approach with Bvlgari's timeless luxury. From a shoulder bag to a satchel to a minaudière, the collection is sure to appeal to every taste. The bags come in Wang's preferred colors of white and black along with mint green and snakeskin options. The mint green colorway pays tribute to Wang's favorite scent growing up, which happens to be Bvlgari's Au the Vert.

Check out the campaign, starring none other than Hailey Bieber, below.

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The Belt Bag is a standout, featuring detachable straps so you can switch between wearing the bag around your waist or over your shoulder, thus adapting it for any situation. The Duette, with two flaps, and the Triplette, with three, are perfect for casual, everyday wear; Gigi Hadid has often carried the Duette while walking through the streets of New York. The Two-in-One Satchel is reminiscent of dust bags, and the Shopping Tote (guess what that resembles?) comes in three sizes. The Minaudière, a brand new silhouette, is a playful take on Bvlgari's jeweler heritage. Shaped like a jewelry box with bracelet attachments, this bag will definitely be the talk of the town. See the full capsule below.



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