Alternative Wedding Dresses are a Millennial Bridal Favorite

A growing number have decided that the best white dress is one you can wear more than once.
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It's harder than ever to decide what criteria make the ideal dress for a modern bride. From avant-garde shapes to bridal suits and even a classic Meghan Markle style, those getting ready to say "I do" are enjoying a range of options for their weddings, embracing personal style above any individual norm or trend. But according to report from online shopping platform Stylight, the diverse tastes of today's brides come together at a point of sustainability, preferring alternative wedding dresses that they can reuse for future events. The millennial bride no longer wants a piece that she will only wear once in her life; the goal is to find a dress that she can look stunning in both for the wedding and for other occasions.

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The trend is also a result of current concerns about climate change. According to Stylight's data, brides born between 1981 and 1996 prefer durable, reusable, and reasonably priced alternative wedding dresses. In the report, 71% of the wedding dresses brides-to-be are checking out will easily work for other occasions as well. Nobody wants to spend a lifetime with an old dress in a box anymore.

In addition, those classic movie scenes in which the bride takes her family and friends to choose the dress with her may also have their days numbered. That's because many brides are deciding to online shop for their dress instead. Stylight recorded a 352% increase in traffic to its “wedding dresses” page in just one year. In a time when social distancing may be the norm for months to come, this may just be the best way for summer and fall brides to accomplish their alternative wedding dress shopping on time.

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Verbena dress by Reformation (Photo: Disclosure)

Straightforward white is also losing its place as the color of choice. Many alternative wedding dress colors, like gray, rosé, and nude, end up being chosen for their versatility for other occasions. And the most sought-after brands? Reformation (and the bride-favorite Verbena dress), Self-Portrait, Les Rêveries, & Other Stories, and Asos. It certainly seems the new trend caters to a range of aesthetics and price points while uniting brides in its practicality, and thanks to many of the most popular options being available online, all those with nuptials in their future can spend the next few weeks browsing their favorite alternative wedding dresses and maybe even accomplishing the task.

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ASOS wedding dresses (Photo: Disclosure)


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