Chromat got Wavvy for Fall 2018

And introduced Cheetos as an accessory.
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It seems as though we've all been having a hard time staying afloat lately. Becca McCharen-Tran of Chromat is more aware of this than anyone; a cursory glance at her Instagram reveals that activism permeates every aspect of her life down to the clothing she creates. Sometimes, the most positive thing you can do is find ways to keep going and demand what you want—which is what Chromat's Falll 2018 presentation, Wavvy, is about.

In a zine given out at the show, McCharen-Tran stated "I imagine wearing the collection while eating flaming hot cheetos on a boat in the Hudson." It's definitely not your textbook designer collection mission statement. Yet it provided for an unusual runway show nonetheless, as models walked down the runway with flaming hot Cheetos, cans of Red Bull, and foam floaties wrapped around them. Scuba material and bungee cords featured heavily in the collection, and much like past Chromat collections, deviations in clothing form were aplenty. Topping the list of favorites for most people was an orange backless jumpsuit — the top connected to two pant legs by an O-ring.

Chromat's runway shows are known for being inclusive, so it should come as no surprise that their runway show for the Wavvy collection was the same. Featuring trans, disabled, older-than-average and curvy models, its runway show was decidedly diverse. But it has been for years. After all, the brand makes it clear: Chromat is not a womenswear line, but rather a line made for whomever decides they want to wear it.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos of McCharen-Tran and her #CHROMATBABES below.



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