Everlane's New Collection is a Commitment to Sustainability

The purveyor of wardrobe staples also plans to eliminate all virgin plastics from their supply chain by 2021.
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Image courtesy of Everlane

It only takes 15 water bottles to make a lightweight puffer, and 60 can make a parka. So when Everlane released their ReNew collection, made entirely of 3 million plastic bottles, they had a lot to work with. The collection, out today, launches in conjunction with the go-to brand for basics’ pledge to eliminate all virgin plastics from their supply chain by 2021.

“Plastic is poisoning our oceans, clogging landfills, and destroying the environment. The worst part? Companies are making more than ever. And we just keep buying it,” the brand’s founder, Michael Preysman, said in a statement. “There’s only one solution: Stop creating virgin plastic—and instead, renew what’s already here.”

The process, which begins in the brand’s recycling facility, starts with washing/sorting the plastic bottles. After labels are rinsed off, they are shredded into 1cm chips, which are then melted and spun into long strands. Finally, these strands are chopped, melted, and refined into a finer thread spun to create polyester. The brand’s plans also include getting rid of virgin plastics from their offices, stores, and packaging while making sure all synthetic materials are renewed. 

Everlane joins a great trend of brands working to produce fashion in a more eco-friendly way—like Patagonia, which traditionally used recycled polyester. Adidas also said in August they would only use recycled plastics in their shoes and apparel by 2024.

The brand’s collection, available online today, features a variety of fleeces, sweaters, and parkas made of the renewed plastics.


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