MIX 'EM, MATCH 'EM, FLIP 'EM, STACK 'EM: FALL RISK Vol. 3 Drops Tomorrow!

Designer John Targon blends his love of waffles with his knack for knitwear in the latest volume of his nostalgia-driven collection.
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They say good things come in threes. The fact of who “they” are frankly remains to be seen (color us surprised if there's ever a definitive answer to that), but in the case of FALL RISK, the nostalgia-driven solo project from designer John Targon, they’re right. Earlier this week, Targon announced that Volume 3 of his seasonless, genderless fashion line will become available to the general public tomorrow, Saturday, August 17th. FALL RISK Member Card holders, which include Delilah Belle, Simon Huck, Danielle Bernstein, Duckie Thot, Claudia Oshry, Ben Soffer, Solange Franklin, Alana O’Herlihy, and Noah Neiman, have access beginning today, 24 hours early.

If he views Volume 1 as his brand’s coming out party, a chance to give everyone an overview of what to expect, and Volume 2 as a dissection, where he focused solely on t-shirts, Targon views Volume 3 as a return to what he knows best: knitwear. “My specialty, my lane, is really knitwear,” said Targon. “Volume 3 really tees you up for fall,” he said. “For me, it’s very much about those summer nights, the desert chill. I’m obsessed with having those transitional clothes to take you through those cooler nights.”

The transitional selection Targon has chosen to highlight in Volume 3 comprises matching sets of 100% cashmere waffle hook-ups (matching joggers and hoodies). “I think everyone should have essential cashmere to stock their wardrobe,” he said. The hoodies feature a retro surf-inspired stripe across the chest, and the sets will come in two colorways: Midnight (black with a purple stripe) and Pool Blue (turquoise with a yellow stripe). “The black is super easy for anyone, I think, and will very much live on as a staple of the collection. The blue is something more vibrant. Much more of a ‘walk down the street and get noticed’ kind of look.” Naturally, Gigi Hadid chose the latter to wear during her recent Mykonos trip that everyone (including L'Officiel) was talking about. Every item in the collection will retail for $395.

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With FALL RISK, Targon seeks to create pieces that don’t require a lot of thought in wearing them and can carry-over from volume to volume. “I like the idea of viewing it as a go-together game with only one rule: everything matches,” said Targon. “I’m thrilled to offer luxurious cashmere for everyday activities. Mix 'em, match 'em, flip 'em, stack 'em, but do it with confidence.”

As with the previous volumes of FALL RISK, nostalgia played a big role in Targon’s designs this time around. “Over the past few years, I've had a love affair with what my story is,” he said, “and so nostalgia for me is about my personal childhood.” Targon says he’s always had an obsession with surf culture, which stems from childhood vacations to San Diego. “The main story here is really a nostalgic surf look. The cashmere waffle and the coziness of the pieces and the color blocking remind me of the beach in San Diego, in particular.”

Targon also really loves waffles (the kind you have for breakfast), so the waffle texture just felt right. And waffles make him think of diners, which also brings up a sense of cozy nostalgia for Targon. “I have this idea of how a diner makes you feel comfortable in the most basic kind of way,” he said. “You know, diner convo can go super deep or you can just be talking about nothing. I love the idea of what a diner invokes, and I love how waffles make you feel. It’s all about comfort food and comfort clothing.”

Another major part of Targon’s evolving aesthetic is his hyper-detailed focus on design and manufacturing techniques. One clear representation of this in Volume 3 is the production of the joggers and hoodies. The cashmere hook-ups comprise premium, all-natural fibers that have spun into the richest, ultra-soft and breathable yarn. Targon worked closely with knitwear experts to engineer specialized stitches of the optimal tension and size to showcase the natural sheen, incredibly soft touch, and rich color of the items. Each panel of a garment comes from a single strand of yarn, which is knit into the exact necessary shape and fit. There was no cutting. There was no waste. “I’m working with a manufacturer who specializes in this zero-waste process,” said Targon. “With some of these newer machines and technologies that are out there, you can get pretty precise in terms of detailing the construction and really eliminate sitting on any additional yarn.”

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While previously, customers could only purchase items by calling FALL RISK’s hotline at 212-982-RISK, Volume 3 will also be available online and at two retail locations: Communitie Marfa and the Communitie East boutiques. To celebrate the launch, Targon will be hosting an event on Saturday from 2-6 PM at the latter location (in Amagansett), so hopefully you were already planning on spending this weekend in the Hamptons because this is about to be major. This is the first time that the FALL RISK collection will be in stores, and Targon is looking forward to this next step. “I love the idea of building a community. I love having the phone number,” he says, “but for me, what’s next is all about this continued footprint out there in physical spaces. I love what it means to speak with people in person, with their close friends and family.”

FALL RISK Volume 1 launched on April 30th via the 212-982-RISK hotline number and sold out in 45 minutes. Volume 2 dropped on June 26th. As with previous volumes, a limited number of garments will be available (50 of each item), so make sure to snag your joggers and hoodies as soon as they go on sale. There have never been more ways to cop your FALL RISK apparel, so you really don't have an excuse. 

P.S. - Keep your ears to the ground. Word on the street is that more FALL RISK news might be coming soon. If anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from us.




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