Gucci’s New Campaign is a Piece of Art, Literally

Fashion is often a work of art — for Spring 2018, Gucci took that seriously.

Gucci released its latest advertising campaign, for Spring 2018, and it's perfectly suited for museum walls. Paying homage to their Italian heritage, the images depict Renaissance themes of earth, sea, and sky. Possibly a nod to the Sistine Ceiling that is also divided into three themes, Gucci took a more modern approach, and gave the artwork a digital upgrade, hyper-realistic representation, and, of course, Gucci apparel. The brand dubs it an “Utopian Fantasy."

The images were created by artist Ignasi Monreal, known for his previous work with the brand and other houses like Dior and Louis Vuitton. Each illustration calls out to one of the greats– Bernini, Jan Van Eyck, etc. The new campaign will roll out in stores and magazines in January. In the meantime, you can see Gucci's Spring 2018 campaign in the gallery below.



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