Lack of Color is Sparking a Revolution in Headwear

We spoke to the designers of the celebrity-loved, Australian hat brand about their inspirations and upcoming endeavors.
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Photography by Byrdie Mack

"Come get lost in the fondness of yesteryear and reflect on a time gone by, while looking towards a new way forward with Lack of Color's new 2019 range, Revolution."

Lack of Color is a luxury headwear label based in Australia and is run by creative couple Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury. Each season they release a new line of hats ranging from wool fedoras to wide-brimmed straw sun hates to vegan leather mucket hats and so much more. On May 1st, they blessed us with their new collection Revolution. This range is Lack of Color's most unique collection yet, offering twenty two new styles with a strong vintage influence. LoC's signature vintage ribbons adorn their brightly colored wool hats, in new tones such as forest green, rose pink and navy blue. The introduction of two vintage-inspired flicked edge fedoras, with custom made scarves and vintage rose raffia straw hats are an ode to their signature style of making the new old again and breathing new life into their timeless designs.

The range also introduces new Terry towel bucket hats in a striking zebra and leopard print, with the addition of two vegan leather bucket hats. The Celestial Boater with handmade gold Conchos is sure to make a statement and amplifies the notion that this really is LoC's most eclectic range to date. The campaign, to which L'Officiel USA received exclusive access, was shot in Sydney by Byrdie Mack and is an homage to the 1969 Woodstock festival which is now approaching its 50th anniversary. 

We chatted with the brand's co-founder, Tess Corvaia about the challenged of being a business owner, the ways in which the brand has grown and changed throughout its lifetime and what her and Robert's next steps are as designers and tastemakers.

Lack of Color - Revolution

ELLA SNYDER: What was the first hat you ever wore? Was it the bonnet you wore during your christening or a baseball cap you wore for little league?

TESS CORVAIA: The first hat I ever wore was probably an old Rolling Stones cap that belonged to my dad. I have really fond memories of wearing it.


ES: What are your thoughts on festival culture? How has it helped or hurt your brand?

TC: We love festival culture. I think if done right it can help brands immensely. Of course, you’re always going to have some weird influences, which aren’t your style, but I don’t think it necessarily hurts the brand. Ever since I was born, my family and our close friends have attended Bluesfest in Byron Bay over Easter. It’s been our yearly family holiday and it’s always been great. Having been immersed in the festival lifestyle since I was a young child gave me an appreciation for festival culture, and has no doubt influenced some of our designs over time at LOC.


ES: We have seen a huge rise in popularity in bucket hats and cowboy hats this year. What’s next? What do you anticipate the next hot trend to be?

TC: I think brimmed straw and wool styles are so timeless. That’s why we added some new and unique styles to our latest range, Revolution. Trends come and go but the classic styles are so timeless and can be worn beyond what’s trending at the time. This makes it a more worthwhile investment.


ES: What were some of the challenges you faced when starting your brand? How did you overcome them?

TC: I think you’re always going to face challenges in anything worth doing – it comes with the territory. Persistence and a never-give-up attitude are the best ways to overcome these challenges.


ES: Is there a specific hat style that you feel best embodies the range of your products?

TC: I’m pretty fond of designing the boater style. If you get the brim or the crown proportion right for the wearer, it can really frame their face and be the cherry on top of any outfit.


ES: A lot of influencers and celebrities are seen wearing your designs. Is there anyone that you hope to dress next?

TC: I would love to see some of my OG style crushes wearing our designs—women like Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, and Natasha Poly.

ES: Do you ever see yourself branching out from headwear?

TC: Absolutely. Rob and I have been working on our new clothing brand, I Dream For You, which is due to launch in July/August this year.


ES: What would people be surprised to know about your job?

TC: You have to be very dedicated. People may think it’s all fun and photoshoots, or creative endeavors and sending requests to influencers, stylists and celebrities. But it’s a damn lot of hard work, sacrifice, and balance.


ES: Where do you see your brand heading in 2019?

TC: We will continue to develop, expand and refine LoC this year in the best ways we know how. We’re always aiming to progress to new goals, and keeping that momentum is important. We would love to work on bringing LoC to more of our customers globally with a string of pop-ups around the world. Stay tuned to see what we get up to, but I will say this—it’s already been a great year.


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