Backstage at R13: Hawaiian T-Shirts and Industrial Backdrops

Backstage at R13, we got a whole new presentation versus what we saw on the runway.

For Chris Leba’s recent collection at R13, the designer referenced his beachside childhood for all of New York City to see. But backstage, things were more grunge than Montauk. Posing alongside the cold backgrounds of concrete and steel, the collection’s beach-friendly colors seemed brighter than before. In all fairness, while the runway itself stuck to a more traditional approach, backstage the models really brought out the essence of Leba’s vision.

Instead of pre-rehearsed entrances and poses, we got to see the models really wear the fabrics. That sense of casual enjoyment — is there anything more #beachvibes than that?

Scroll through the following gallery to check out R13 backstage with L’Officiel.




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