Tory Burch Says Athleisure is Here to Stay

And when Tory says something, we listen.
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Photo courtesy of Tory Burch

After opening her Rodeo Drive flagship Tory Sport last month, Tory Burch shows no signs of slowing down. The third floor of her iconic Beverly Hills establishment has now become a place for active women and all of their chicest sport needs. With a wide range of items for various activities and climates, Tory Sport is the perfect place if you’re alpine skiing or just in it for the après. The line resembles her: high-performance and impossibly chic. At her Rodeo Drive store-within-a-store opening, Tory spoke to us about the future of athleticwear and made us want to be her tennis doubles partner.

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch

What are your favorite sports?

I love tennis. When I was a little girl I wanted to play professionally—I thought I could be Chrissie Evert!

I've always thought activewear lacked designer cuts & fits, did you experience the same problem and is that what propelled you to expand the brand?

Yes. I have always been incredibly active, but I had trouble finding things that I actually wanted to wear during my workouts. I wanted pieces that were a bit more toned down and understated—that were sporty yet feminine. We created something sophisticated, classic and vintage-inspired.

What is your favorite part about designing activewear?

I love the challenge. There is a lot of trial-and-error, but it is rewarding when you see the final result.

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch

How do you want women to feel when they're wearing Tory Sport?

Our hope is that women feel strong and empowered in our pieces.

What piece of Tory Sport does you like to wear when out and about?

I personally love our track pants. They are nostalgic yet modern. The fabric on the inside is a soft cotton, which feels great against the skin. They’re perfect for travel.

The athleisure trend does not look like it's taking a rest. Do you think it's the new casual?

This doesn’t feel like a trend to me. It really seems like a seismic shift in the way women are dressing. Women today lead busier, more active lives than ever. We design pieces that can transition seamlessly from workout to weekend. 

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch

Which Tory Sport pieces do you typically workout in? 

Our chevron leggings—they’re breathable, moisture wicking and ultra-lightweight. They also have a soft, barely-there feel to them that I love. 

Will we ever see Tory Sport menswear? 

A unisex capsule could be interesting at some point in the future. There is certainly pressure from my three boys, as well as my brothers and nephews …. But right now we are focused on building the brand.

Tory Sport is now open on the 3rd floor of 366 N Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210



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