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12 Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Stream Now

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, watch your favorite TV characters celebrate the big day with this guide of themed episodes you can stream now.
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'Friends' Season 5, Episode 8 "The One With All the Thanksgivings"

Before you cozy up for a movie after your day of Turkey Day celebrations via Zoom, get into the holiday spirit by watching the Thanksgiving episodes from some of your favorite TV shows. Whether you love the deadpan comedy of The Office or the dramatically chic emsembles of Gossip Girl, sometimes the best holiday cheer is found in the things we enjoy year round. Relive your favorite Thanksgiving TV moments with L'OFFICIEL's list of 12 episodes you should be stream this year.

"Gossip Girl"

Happy Thanksgiving, Upper East Siders. In the premiere season of Gossip Girl, Serena spends her first Thanksgiving home from boarding school reliving years past and revealing new secrets. The episode—titled "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!"—culminates in the Van der Woodsen and Humphrey children learning the truth about their parents' relationship.

Stream now: Netflix


At the peak of the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston hysteria, the power couple treated fans to a joint appearance on Aniston's hit show Friends. In "The One with the Rumor," Pitt guest stars as Will, a high school friend of Ross' with whom he co-founded the "I Hate Rachel Green" club. Will spends Thanksgiving with the gang, and reveals that he and Ross made up a particularly nasty rumor about Rachel in high school.

Stream now: HBO Max

"The Sopranos"

It's not a holiday unless there's drama. For the Soprano family, that means disinviting ex-capos to dinner. After an altercation, Tony cancels Ralph and Rosalie's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner in "He is Risen." However, unbeknownst to their families, Tony's daughter and Rosalie's son have started seeing each other.

Stream now: HBO Max

"New Girl"

In "Thanksgiving," Jess spends her first Thanksgiving in the apartment making dinner to impress her cute colleague Paul. As expected, plans go awry, and when Jess and her roommates break into the apartment next door, they find their neighbor in a startling position.

Stream now: Netflix

"Orange is the New Black"

It's Piper's first Thanksgiving in Litchfield, and she's considering reuniting with her ex, Alex. Several of the other ladies find new beginnings, like Taystee who is finally released. However, life on the outside is not what she hoped it would be.

Stream now: Netflix

"Master of None"

In the episode that won Lena Waithe the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, "Thanksgiving" features her character Denise on several Thanksgivings over the years. The episode depicts Denise's own journey to accept her sexuality, as well as her mother Catherine's (Angela Bassett).

Stream now: Netflix

"Bob's Burgers"

A family visitor, an oddly sexual Thanksgiving tune, and an unexpected reaction to allergy medicine wreak havoc on the Belchers' Thanksgiving celebrations in Season 4's "Turkey in a Can."

Stream now: Hulu

"Mad Men"

In the Season 1 finale titled "The Wheel"—one of Mad Men's best episodes overall—several of the main characters reach a breaking point. After refusing to go to her family's house for Thanksgiving, Betty takes a stand in her marriage with Don, while Peggy unexpectedly gives birth to Pete's child.

Stream now: Amazon Prime Video

"The Office"

Dwight tries to make up for childhood woes by turning the Dunder Mifflin parking lot into a maze of hay, thusly crowning himself "Hay King." The episode, "," also introduces Ryan's new digital business venture that Michael is more than happy to help fund.

Stream now: Netflix

"The O.C."

In "The Homecoming," Ryan's first Thanksgiving with the Cohens has turkey, cranberry sauce, and no shortage of family shenanigans. After visiting his brother Trey in prison, Ryan, with Marissa's help, returns to Chino for one final job. Meanwhile, Seth can't seem to choose between Summer and Anna.

Stream Now: HBO Max

"Gilmore Girls

It's Thanksgiving Day in Stars Hollow and the Gilmore girls are booked and busy, having RSVP'd "yes" to four holiday gatherings. The episode, titled "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving," chronicles the Lorelai and Rory's day-long mission to successfully attend each scheduled festivity.

Stream now: Netflix


"Auntsgiving" features the Johnson family celebrating Thanksgiving together, including Pop's sister Almaviligerais. However, while Dre and Bow leave for their babymoon, the kids stay behind to get to the bottom of why Grandma Ruby and her sister-in-law don't get along.

Stream now: Hulu



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