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Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is a Garden That Lasts All Year

Taking inspiration from the Greek gods, the new fragrance will give you a fresh start for 2020.
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In his five years as creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has attracted a devoted following with his luxuriously eccentric vision, reinventing a host of classic inspirations into something altogether modern for today's individualistic consumer. In his fashion collections, the designer has weaved a plethora of cultures and eras into maximalist new creations, and in beauty, he relaunched the house's approach by taking inspiration from art's greatest masters to develop makeup and fragrance that brings a lively new energy to all.

Michele has made no exception with fragrance, reinventing what a floral means with his Gucci Bloom series—most recently with the new Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori, which is sure to become a favorite for the holidays and beyond. Ever since its first rendition debuted in 2017, the fragrance series has been captivating the world with its universal allure, deconstructing typical associations surrounding florals to create new scents that appeal to a range of seasons, aesthetics, and personalities. This redefining approach helped to ensure the original Gucci Bloom's popularity, which has led to a proliferation of new additions to the olfactory family. The concept has also come through in Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur (starring none other than Harry Styles) and Gucci Beauty lipsticks, helping to break down any stigmas about beauty and prove the fun of the field is truly for everyone to enjoy.

The original Gucci Bloom’s success inspired the house to create additional variations alongside legendary nose Alberto Morillas, including Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori, a joyous and youthful eau de toilette, Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori, which honed in on femininity with a woodsy twist, and Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori, which celebrates the refreshing nature of spring raindrops. Each one explores its floral notes a little deeper to transcend stereotypes and craft the olfactory experiences of our wildest dreams.

Now, the latest addition to the Gucci Bloom family has quite literally hit god tier. Inspired by the sustenance that is storied to have given the Greek gods immortality, Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is an intense experience designed to help wearers express the boldest versions of themselves, arriving just in time to celebrate the excitement of a new decade. Eschewing the traditional construction of top, heart, and base notes to instead open fully at once, the new creation employs flowers including jasmine bud, tuberose, and damascena rose for a truly noble experience.

Matching the intensity of the scent, Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori’s packaging is a deep burgundy version of the original, while the label takes a stripped-down approach. All in all, it’s a reminder of the revolutionary experience about to take place: it’s not about any of the rare notes individually, but instead the power of their combined effect. While the holiday season is certain to be full of plenty of surprises, one thing is for sure: the new floral creation will light up a room just like a showstopping pair of heels or a magnetic personality.


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