Nordstrom's Sam Lobban Curated a Polar Vortex Wardrobe

The department store's menswear VP selected high-quality winter apparel and unconventional gear for the first edition of his New Concepts platform, Concept 001: Out Cold.
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If you have found yourself in need of style inspiration amidst frigid January temps, you're in luck: Nordstrom Men's VP Sam Lobban has curated pieces specifically for venturing out in the chill. The collection, Concept 001: Out Cold, features gear and apparel from 20 forward-thinking outdoor brands.

Out Cold is the first edition of Lobban's New Concepts platform, which he aims to use to help menswear customers discover more international and limited distribution brands. This first collection celebrates a mix of domestic and foreign brands, with U.S. labels including Leatherman and New Balance listed alongside pieces from the likes of Scotland's Mackintosh, France's Salomon, and Canada's Arc'teryx. To celebrate Out Cold, which is available in special January installations in New York and Seattle as well as online until March, L'Officiel USA is highlighting 10 items that will make winter more bearable with their style and function.

If you're looking to make your wintry outdoor adventure feel a bit more warm and fuzzy, look no further than this saké bottle. The design is durable yet elegant, and your whole crew will thank you for having a comforting drink to heat over the campfire after a long hike.

When the temperature plunges far below freezing, it's essential to wear a longer coat for maximum insulation. While some may believe this means sacrificing style, this jacket from Mackintosh shows function and fashion can beautifully coexist. Featuring button closure, high-quality cotton, and a two-tone neutral palette, this will leave the wearer feeling as classy as they will be warm.

When the snow has mostly melted but the ground has yet to dry, you need a pair of boots that let you get back into outdoor activities while keeping feet from becoming too wet. This rubber, ankle-length pair is the perfect solution, and while it's designed for intensive gardening and thus great for checking on your plants after a storm, it also could work well for walking the dog or dealing with slush puddles on the street. Their sleek, black appearance will go with anything, and best of all, these will easily transition when snowstorms turn to April showers.

While it's untrue that most body heat escapes through the head, you should probably still keep it warm. A simple, black beanie will do the trick, and this one from Woolworth uses layers of terry-knit fabric for maximum insulation.

While this jacket won't make you disappear, it can make you feel a bit more free. Waterproof and breathable, the Houdini vision of winter apparel is a pleasing storm green with an ability to adapt from layering for winter to a lighter spring rain jacket.

The lack of sunlight in the dead of winter can be hard, but perhaps a lantern can make the world feel a little brighter. This controllable light will provide a warm, candle-like glow, so you can get your hygge on whether you're in a tiny apartment or strolling on a cold evening.

Perhaps all your winter look is missing is a sleek layer that will help to keep your core a bit more toasty. This vest from Arc'teryx does it all, resisting wind and water without feeling bulky. The European goose down will leave you feeling luxurious as you bundle up, and the sophisticated navy shade will look great against all your favorite neutrals.

Anyone who's preparing for a race (or simply trying to fill the rings on their Apple Watch) won't want to stop training just because it's blizzarding outside. Salomon is here to help, using a fitted, high top as well as technology in the zipper and sole to keep out unwanted elements. The white colorway will have you matching the storm around you, but it also comes in black if your priority is keeping that dark and sophisticated aesthetic.

Spending a weekend skiing? It could be useful to have pants that can hold all your tools and accessories. This pair from Aztech will definitely deliver with its sizable pockets, and they will keep snow out without weighing you down. Paired with a matching jacket, you'll be the sleekest one on the slopes.

Looking for a pop of color for your cold-weather adventure? This backpack will brighten a wintry world while protecting all your gear. Cotopaxi's lightweight nylon design means it stows away in tight spaces but can fit a full day's worth of necessities, and as part of the Del Día collection, each bag has a unique color and pattern.

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