Reed Krakoff Understands the Romantic Modern Man

The Tiffany & Co. chief artistic officer is further exploring men's products through two releases happening today.
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Reed Krakoff is having an exciting fall at Tiffany & Co. Nearly three years into his tenure as Chief Artistic Officer, the designer is launching the brand's first comprehensive men's collection, bringing timeless romanticism to a new range of jewelry, watches, travel essentials, and barware.  The new launch features nearly 100 designs and satisfies a growing sentiment that jewelry is for everyone to enjoy, and the Tiffany 1837 Makers line, with its chainlink pieces and modern engravings, seems sure to become a new classic as it brings together modern style with a quality to cherish. Aligning with the growth of men's fashion weeks and increased embrace of gender fluidity, stars like Anwar Hadid and John Mayer have been showing off bracelets, chain necklaces, and more, and Tiffany & Co's entrance into this market shows the movement is here to stay.

As if launching an unprecedented collection like this would make one busy enough, Krakoff has collaborated with IFF's Sophie Labbé and Nicolas Beaulieu to introduce Tiffany & Love, a new fragrance in two forms that also becomes available today. Following up on Tiffany & Co's eponymous re-entry into the olfactory sphere in 2017, the new duo plays on the brand's romance-centered history to contemplate what love may smell like. “Her” is a modern, floral, woody scent that opens with a burst of sparkling top notes, as blue basil pairs with grapefruit, while “Him” is citrusy and aromatic with a wood-infused base, and the two come together with a common note of blue sequoia. L’Officiel USA spoke with Krakoff to get his perspective about the brand’s newest scents.

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Photos courtesy of Tiffany

The name of the fragrance is Tiffany & Love. How would you describe modern love? 

The fragrance is about celebrating modern love in all different forms: committed relationships, friendships, marriages, and all the ways people commit to each other these days  It’s more about a personal commitment and how you define it than how it’s defined by society or tradition. 


What was the creative inspiration for the campaign?

It seemed obvious that, because the world has evolved so much, I really wanted to represent today’s reality. You’ll notice that a lot of the campaign is abstract. It’s full of these little captured moments that feel intimate, almost like you’re seeing directly into the lives of the two people as opposed to something posed.


What notes within the fragrance were you most excited about? 

Blue Sequoia.


The one that connects them together? 

That was important to have something that connected them, something that was natural and part of the story. It was also important that this had a blue identity to it. Tiffany blue? Yes, Tiffany blue. That was the core of it, then after that, it was just building some complexity of the fragrance so that it felt expansive and like it was personal.


Did you picture anyone when you were making this fragrance or was it more about encapsulating the emotion of love? 

It was more intuitive. It was more about capturing that complexity, unpredictability, and sensuality, but always in a refined, luxurious way. It felt proprietary but also artisanal. I think it’s super important with these kinds of projects to do things that feel this way.  If you handle the bottles, the glass is extremely heavy, and the core ingredients are etched on the collar, a nod to an apothecary—refined, simple packaging even though it’s done in a luxe way.

Tiffany & Love for Him and for Her debuts today with Bloomingdales.


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