Anna of the North (Soft)Serves Candy-Colored, Calamity-Filled Perfection in Latest Video

In "Thank Me Later," the Scandinavia songstress and electro-pop queen takes control of her own romantic destiny and satisfies our sweet tooth in the meantime.
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Norwegian electro-pop queen Anna of the North just dropped her latest single “Thank Me Later” and we are in funky, shimmer-pop heaven. Anna, whose sophomore album is slated for release this fall, also graced us with an equally delicious music video for her new bop, complete with a candy-colored diner and an oversized ice cream cone with a smoking habit.

The track, which combines a synth beat, an upbeat tempo, and Anna’s rich, soulful voice, finds our Scandinavian songstress serenading her lover, singing about treating her special someone to the nicer things in life. “You know tonight I’ll make you mine,” Anna croons as we fall even more head over heels. We love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take it. To Anna, the song also represents flipping gender stereotypes on their head. “There are so many songs where women get objectified and controlled by a powerful and rich man and made out to be all sexy and cute,” said Anna. “I’m a frontwoman and this is a chance for me to have my own back, as well as to remind men that it’s not all about money and that they can be sexy and cute too.”

In the video, Anna, with the help of the aforementioned ice cream cone, plays a self-serving matchmaker with ulterior motives as she mischievously sabotages the dinner date of a man on whom she has her eye. Hijinks ensue as misfortune befalls her unsuspecting, blonde competition.  It all seems to be going according to Anna’s plan, but the ice cream cone might have plans of its own. Check out Anna’s new video below to see how this love triangle (or is it a square?) plays out.

Anna of the North - Thank Me Later


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