The Best Workout Music for Your 2020 Playlist

Get in shape while giving your ears a treat.
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Getting yourself to work out can be tough (in some cases, really tough). But whether you're struggling to make it to your favorite gym or studio or trying to figure out what you can do in a tiny apartment (Openfit, anyone?), what better way to find motivation than with a great workout playlist? Since we love to make your lives easier, we’ve created the best workout playlist for you to enjoy in the trying times of 2020, featuring 10 feel-good bops to keep your heart rate and excitement up. Since workout music tends to be subjective (one time I listened to “Sex on Fire” for an entire 90-minute cardio session), we’ve compiled a selection of crowd-pleasers, providing a little something for everybody, from Louis the Child to Cheat Codes to PLS&TY. So if you're looking for something to accompany a well-rounded workout or simply want to pick your favorites to add to your own list, this is the best workout playlist to get you started. We hope you enjoy. 

Don't Mind - Louis the Child

Louis the Child is a bop king. I don't make the rules. "Don't Mind" will keep your spirit up for days, and its January release means it fits right into all the best workout playlists in 2020.

Upside Down (feat. Grouplove) - Whethan

Whethan and Grouplove?! What more could you ask for? You won't be able to help dancing around to one of 2020's most energizing releases for a workout.

No Service in the Hills (feat. Trippie Redd, Blackbear, Prince$$ Rosie) - Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes never fail to make jams. This song screams LA-summer-nights (I mean, I've never been to LA, but I can imagine).

Told You So - Mike Perry

This song gets me amped and also extremely eager for summer. Perry and Orange Villa's track gives off some early Kygo feels and is sure to keep your mood up during your workout.

I Found You - Cash Cash, Andy Grammer

A combination I would never have guessed but am grateful it exists to contribute to this workout playlist: Cash Cash and Andy Grammer.

No Drama - Two Friends, Kid Quill, New Beat Fund

Two Friends has killed the remixes on SoundCloud for ages and I'm delighted by their boppy original music, too, which is a welcome addition when trying to build the best workout playlist to keep you inspired in 2020. Talk about catchy. 

Cold Feet - Loud Luxury

Canadian duo Loud Luxury's hit song "Body" was stuck in my brain for six months. "Cold Feet" is en route to doing the same. 

Ever Really Know - Georgia Ku

Georgia Ku has a mesmerizing voice. I swear. You will be so distracted by her voice you will forget you were even working out in the first place, and isn't that the best way to do it? 

I Miss You (feat. Alex Aiono & Wifisfuneral) - PLS&TY

Three fresh voices have come together to create a boppy love song perfect for keeping you in the best workout zone as you sweat away all your 2020 stresses.

Drown (feat. Clinton Kane) - Martin Garrix

23-year-old Martin Garrix knows what's up. The "In the Name of Love" artist has been making hits since 2013. When he was 16. Okay, same.



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