Dano: Redefining the Spanish Hip-Hop Scene

Artist, producer, composer, rapper, and now owner of a successful vintage online store: is there anything Dano can't do?
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Spanish rapper Dano has recently released his hotly anticipated new album ISTMO. Earlier this month, he treated the crowds at Sónar Barcelona to his new sounds, which take significant influence from the classic hip-hop scene of New York City. To accompany his new album, Dano also recently released a video filmed in none other than New York City itself. The Argentinian-born rapper released his first demo at age 17 and has been redefining the Spanish-language rap scene ever since. 

We caught up with Dano to learn more about his new music and his Instagram side hustle. 

Congratulations on your latest work, ISTMO. What was the creative process for it like?

ISTMO was a strong project that I owed to myself, something I've been working on for years and had to release at a certain moment in my professional career.

I wanted to show the listener my inner world and my sound experience, the rap played in my own head in my own way. It isn't necessarily commercial; it's an ode to the old school hip hop scene that I have experienced. Red Bull’s support has surprised me a lot, giving me the chance to perform at Sónar Barcelona, for instance.


Why did you decide to shoot the ISTMO documentary in New York?

There is still so much connection regarding the old-school scene, the street, and the codes. The Black and Latin American culture remains the same, especially the old New York. New York created this aesthetic in many aspects, and I have the feeling it will always take the lead in this specific scene. This was the main reason I wanted to shoot my documentary there.

Explain to us how you’ve linked your music career with a vintage store called Vintage Top Hustlers

We already know that the hip-hop scene has always strongly connected to aesthetic and to clothes. My generation was tremendously influenced by all the values and meanings associated with garments and dress codes from New York City. I felt that I had to create something related to fashion, in addition to my profession as a producer and composer. It has become a successful vintage store that only sells clothes through Instagram. It's crazy. I recently posted a North Face and it was sold out through PayPal two minutes later.


What are your upcoming projects?

Well, we just finished the Latin American tour. In August, I will lock myself in the studio to finish some work and in September we will restructure the Spanish tour.



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