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It's Official: Rihanna Now Has a Street Named After Her in Barbados

Welcome to Riri Drive.

It's not every celebrity that gets to have a personal landmark named after them, but then again, Rihanna isn't your average celebrity. Yesterday, on Barbados Independence Day, the government renamed the street that the international pop superstar, designer, and entrepreneur grew up on to Rihanna Drive. 

It should be noted that this recognition isn't a superficial one; Rihanna has done a lot for her home country, from spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS with Prince Harry to drawing in tourism to help the economy flourish as a frequent visitor. (Who could forget her outfits at the Crop Over Festival this summer?) Riri flew back most recently to attend the opening ceremony yesterday.

If you ever find yourself in Barbados, now you have a place to "Shut Up and Drive."



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