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Supreme Oreos are Breaking the Internet (Again)

The much-hyped product's resale price on eBay will blow you away.
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Food porn, but make it fashion. Hypebeasts are buzzing about Supreme's new collaboration with Oreo, which means even your social distancing food stockpile (and, by extension, your quarantine nickname) will fit right into your streetwear aesthetic. 

Supreme, which repeatedly draws major obsession when stamping its logo onto everything from skateboards to MetroCards and even just resuscitated Tupac via hologram, recently unveiled its much-anticipated Spring 2020 collection. While the new line features a range of unconventional yet covetable products, nothing seemed to catch the world's attention as much as the Supreme Oreo. The iconic round cookie, which has been a favorite snack since 1912, has seen many iterations over the years, fitting to a range of holidays and niche desserts. This new version is red, of course, and features the Supreme logo where "Oreo" would normally appear.

The Supreme Oreos come in packs of three, so it's kind of like getting a snack-sized portion except it retails for $8 a set. The much-hyped product first launched in February at Supreme's New York stores, and of course, it sold out and started going for $4000 on eBay. Thanks to this, $8 for three Supreme Oreos began to sound like a bargain...until the brand decided to do another, online-exclusive launch today for just $3. Announcing the drop on Instagram by collaborating with @breadfaceblog, Supreme continued its impressive track record of selling out almost immediately, and fans who missed out are now paying up to $20,000 this time around. Those who did cop a pack of Supreme Oreos on the original site received free shipping if they spent $150, which equates to either a whopping 50 packs or picking up some other essentials, like turntables and Ziploc bags.

No word yet on what they taste like—we'd love for the flavor to be red velvet, but we have a gut feeling that they're going to taste like regular Oreos, but somehow that much better because they're Supreme. However, with how this is already a collector's item, will anyone even eat it? But before we've even gotten to fully examine the product, one thing's for sure: Supreme Oreos, like any Supreme product, have gotten people talking. Having dropped in the middle of fashion month and remaining just as popular today, we bet that the sandwich cookie will be the most popular snack in the fash pack (and hope to see some funny TikToks featuring it).


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