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Pap Attack: Justin Bieber Pays Homage to Fellow Teen Heartthrobs With Jonas Brothers Tee

The latest sighting might suggest a truce in the Battle of the Boybands.
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Real recognizes real. Former teen starlet Justin Bieber recently stepped out for a West Hollywood spa day wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt, gym shorts, Gatorade-blue sneakers, and Vetements crew socks. The shirt featured the JoBros in their mid-2000s prime, complete with straight-ironed scene queen hair, double-breasted blazers, and their signature fresh-faced smolders. Where has the time gone? All four men pictured have recently married, but that hasn't stopped their fans from thirsting over them. Can we now add Bieber to the list of Jonas Brothers fangirls? 

Justin's wife Hailey, herself often in the spotlight for her modeling career and Baldwin relations, is a well-known Jonas Brothers fan, but the tee might be more than just a tribute. It features Justin's own brand label, Drew House, in the corner, possibly a hint at future collaborations. Last March, Justin filmed a video of Hailey professing her love for the Disney idols, to his faux dismay. It's nice to know that now that Justin is a married man, he's willing to take on his wife's own interests—even if they are a rival boyband. Whether it's a question of if or when the clothing line drops, expect a good amount of millennials to shell out for the teen heartthrob mashup of their middle school dreams. 




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