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A Q+A with Fitness Sensation Bethany C. Meyers

Championing both body positivity and accessibility, Meyers is set to launch her highly anticipated be.come fitness app this July. Photography by Matin Zad
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"One of the questions that I get asked most often is: 'How does living in California influence your sound?'"

It seems that makeup artist Pat McGrath already knows everything. She foregoes brushes and applies makeup with her fingers, works on the most famous shows, released her own (very successful) line of cosmetics, and constantly sets trends within the beauty industry.

Today, it was announced that Pat will receive the Isabella Blow Award at the BFC's Fashion Awards in partnership with Swarovski next week. The honor is dedicated to innovators in the fashion world. Previously, the winners of this award were Nick Knight, Lady Amanda Harlech, Bruce Weber and others. McGrath herself has already been awarded high honors by the CFDA Council of American Fashion Designers.

The Fashion Awards 2017 will take place on Monday, December 4 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


Singer and activist Lady Gaga is partnering with former vice president Joe Biden to open trauma relief centers for sexual assault victims.

Announced at Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year Summit, the pair seeks to open long term relief centers for victims of physical and emotional abuse.

Biden says of the project, “Women who are abused end up having long-term physical and physiological problems. I’m working with Lady Gaga now…we want to set up trauma centers where women can go to get the long-term help they need to deal with these crises. We finally are recognising the long-term impacts on the health of women and men who’ve been abused. It’s the next great frontier I want to be part of.”

Amidst the growing vocalization regarding sexual assault, particularly in the entertainment industry, the need for places of refuge like trauma relief centers is more imperative than ever. Sexual assault is so prevalent in the everyday social battle that we need these support systems, as they're vital in the fight for both accountability and responsibility.

Both Biden and Gaga are outspoken in the fight against sexaul assault. Most recently, Biden has shown his support for forthcoming victims of Hollywood’s elite scumbags. Gaga, a survivor of sexual assault, continues to spread her message of love and strength through her foundation “Born This Way”, which aims to nurture and protect the “wellness of young people”.

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