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Introducing Instagram's Newest Micro Trend: Flower Tea

The newest Instagram trend of “blooming tea” has flooded our feeds with elegant cups of aesthetically pleasing edible spring flowers.
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Images via Instagram

Instagram has fallen in love with the newest colorful trend as summer nears - drinks decorated with beautifully delicate flowers that bloom and flourish. Some blossom with coffee, milk foam, and tea, while others with Indian-style drinks containing a multitude of vibrant flowers such as roses, olive branches, bluish violets, white chamomile and purple orphan flowers. Talk about a way to give your day-to-day routine some new floral viviacity. 

Want to recreate your own edible masterpiece? The most important thing is to let your inner florist emerge by creating the most gorgeous tea arrangement and surrounding it with a romantic aesthetic. Watch in amazement at how the meticulously handcrafted designs unfold. According to Instagram, these beautiful displays are best enjoyed next to pieces of intricate lace, sheet music and book pages. Let your imagination run free, and get some inspiration from the designs below.


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