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Model-Turned-Designer TyLynn Nguyen Is Our Favorite L.A. Minimalist to Follow On Instagram

The Cancer model-turned-lingerie-designer stresses the importance of recognizing what's yours is yours.
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Photography by Emman Montalvan

Fashion by Sue Choi


It is obvious, even after only a few minutes into speaking with TyLynn Nguyen, that the tagline for her eponymous lingerie line—“for the classic and intelligent woman of today”—was inspired by the designer herself. And, if it wasn’t, it certainly could have been. Four years ago, Nguyen, a Calabasas-based mother of three, pivoted from modeling to lingerie design. The brand, filled with simple but sophisticated slips and sensual pieces that work for everyday wear as well, quickly attracted a following (think: Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), and so did Nguyen. She no longer is just a face (albeit a stunning one), but also a voice, as she has become a sought-out expert on the subjects of fashion, beauty, and luxury. “The last year and a half has been me taking on more of this fashion persona, of people wondering about my point of view. I just think there’s a bigger calling for me now; I just think it's stepping into who I am and where I’m going,” she explains.

Nguyen talks about both work and life in a way that makes you want to follow her around with a pen and paper (even if it’s not your job to interview her): she gives solid advice on setting goals—make them very high, “like a shock to your system”—personal pointers on the importance of self-worth and overcoming obstacles, and a bumper sticker-worthy suggestion on not listening to the opinions of others: “It’s not their business," she says. "It wasn’t placed in their heart—it was placed in your heart.” It is no wonder Nguyen has become a pundit in her field.

“I don’t overthink it,” she says, when asked the obvious: how she juggles a multifaceted career, a family with three children, and interests of her own. “There’s a seamlessness to it. I think I pushed my brain to think, ‘If these are my blessings, I can handle it. If this is my life, I can handle it.’ It’s all about scheduling and organization. If I can’t get to it today, I’ll do it tomorrow. When you recognize what’s yours is yours, then you don’t have to worry about it.”

That doesn’t mean Nguyen is on autopilot, however. A new collection will debut in early 2020, and she hints at bigger things for the line with an undisclosed campaign in 2021. The designer, who is originally from Boston (“sometimes I feel my tastes are a little more East Coast”), is also focused on finding the perfect plot of land to build a new home for her family in California, where the brood of five currently resides. “I don’t feel like I have to do things; I feel like I get these visions and I go after them,” she says. “I don’t want to live my life for anyone else. I love my tastes; I love my family; I love what I do." 

Cancer is a sensitive and highly receptive sign, and Nguyen is very in tune with her own needs and the desires of those around her. “I feel all the things,” she admits. L'Officiel teamed up with famed astrologist Susan Miller to predict what 2020 holds for each zodiac sign, as well as what beauty looks they should try in 2020. It should come as no surprise that 2020 will be a year of important creative collaboration for Cancer signs. Cancers should try a "blooming lip" in the new year. This lipstick application method, which concentrates lipstick in the center of the lip and smudges it outwards, creates a “just-kissed” effect.


Makeup Samuel Paul (Forward Artists)

Hair Darine Sengseevong (Art Department)

Manicurist Marisa Carmichael (Forward Artists)

Producers Mariana Cantú (MC Colectiva) and Tamara Rebolledo

Photo Assistants Patrick Molina and Mark Underwood

Technician Maria Noble

Location Edge Grip Studios


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