Win the Halloween Beauty Game with a 'Euphoria'-Inspired Makeup Look

If you're looking to step up your makeup game this Halloween, going as a character from this year's biggest show might be the right choice.
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It’s pretty safe to say that HBO’s Euphoria took the world by storm this summer. A new generation of actors rose to the stage as rising stars like Barbie Ferreira and Hunter Schafer made their marks, but if we’re being honest, the real reason the show blew up all over the internet was the incredible makeup that came from the equally incredible brains of makeup artists Doniella Davy and Kirsten Sage Coleman. Halloween is coming up, so if you’re thinking to go as a character from Euphoria, first of all, congrats on your Instagram-perfect idea, but anyway, here are some things you’ll need.

Oh, and I guess a little spoiler warning is needed. Read at your own risk and have a happy Halloween!


Rue wouldn’t be Rue without some glitter tears. Sometimes they manifest in her imagination, and sometimes they’re real. Don’t be afraid to get messy—embrace it; that’s part of the look. Plus, after Billie Eilish's haunting black tears in her video for "When the Party's Over" (another great Halloween idea, TBH), maybe hyper-pigmented tears are a trend this year. This Stila liquid glitter makes for an easy tear application (just draw them on), and the shade “Into the Blue” is so spot-on it should be renamed after the show.

Photo via Instagram / @donni.davy




Jules is an angel—at least in Rue’s eyes. Fresh out of rehab, Rue had no plans to stay sober...until Jules showed up, that is. She appeared out of nowhere, somehow still ethereal as hell while riding a bike, and saved Rue from the edge she was teetering on. Whether you want to dress up as everyday Jules or take inspiration from her Juliet Halloween costume, you’ll need a highlighter so you can shimmer like the celestial being Jules is. Any highlighter would work fine, but Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb is peak angelic.

Photo via Instagram / @donni.davy


When a good girl goes bad, red lipstick is a must. Self-conscious about being a virgin (she's only like sixteen, what?), Kat starts making questionable choices to overcompensate for her prior innocence. She obviously can’t reveal that she’s become an underage camgirl, but she can change her look to reflect her internal rebellion, which is exactly what she does. For an even more irreverent touch, pair that red lipstick with a slime green eyeliner to channel even more of Kat’s attitude.

Photo via Instagram / @kirinrider


Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 03.07.26 pm.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-17 at 02.58.45 pm.png


As grownup as Cassie thinks she is, she’s still a child. That being said, she’s lived through a handful of experiences that a child should never have to go through, namely watching her father spiral into opioid addiction and having to get an abortion. Cassie has rocked her fair share of glam on the show, but her no-makeup prom look perfectly captures her lost innocence. Instead of lipstick, pop on some lip gloss (Orgasm from NARS would be perfect, but that's mostly because of the name) for the ultimate combination of innocent and alluring.

Photo via Instagram / @kirinrider


Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 03.07.39 pm.png


Maddy is a die-hard romantic soul whose parents don’t love each other and whose boyfriend is an abusive sociopath. In an Instagram post, makeup artist Donni Davy explained that Maddy wears her gorgeous, intricate makeup everyday to bring her life a little of the romance that she dreams of having. To look like Maddy, make sure your eyeliner is as crisp as possible, and then have fun with some chunky glitter or rhinestones (but everything in moderation; Maddy's makeup has to look perfect).

Photo via Instagram / @donni.davy

Bonus: Nate

Nate is walking proof that glitter doesn’t have to be feminine. If you’re looking for something a little more androgynous, or have a boyfriend in need of a last minute costume, smear a little glitter gel wherever and however you like.

Photo via Instagram / @kirinrider


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