Kylie Jenner's Company Is Being Sued for Being Inaccessible to the Blind

A new lawsuit claims that her beauty website is not up to ADA standards.
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Kylie Jenner's extremely buzzed-about beauty brand is facing a lawsuit for not being accessible to blind customers, TMZ reports.

Antoinette Suchenko is a suing Kylie Jenner Inc., claiming that the brand's website is not compatible with screen reader software that many blind people use to surf the web. According to the lawsuit, this means that the site is not truly accessible to all — making it not up to the standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

According to Suchenko, she's not looking to make any money from the lawsuit, just for Kylie Cosmetics to make its platform more universally user-friendly. It's important to note that the suit is not against Kylie Jenner the person, but rather her company.

Despite many steps forward when it comes to inclusivity in mainstream culture this year — and almost as many setbacks — rights for people with disabilities are still often excluded from the conversation. Many Americans might not even know that such software exists for legally blind Internet users, and that their own websites might not be up to par. With any hope, this suit will bring some awareness to the issue so that we as a culture can take a step in the right direction. After all, even with yesterday's disheartening Net Neutrality vote, the Internet should still be a place that is equal and easily accessible for all.



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