Think Pink When Choosing Your Next Fall Fragrance

This season's best scents share a common hue—each perfect for enjoying groundbreaking florals despite the colder weather.
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Millennial pink is still going strong, despite constant attempts to declare a new successor. Something about this hue just feels right for the moment, whether it's an Instagram-driven obsession with rose (or rosé)-colored glasses or a desire for something romantic and compassionate amidst nonstop political turmoil. Through the years, the color has always been a sign of unapologetic joy: Funny Face's "Think Pink" is a carefree ode to the aesthetically-pleasing shade, while Janelle Monae's "PYNK" is a summer jam about vaginas, although it never discloses this in the lyrics. There's a power lying within pink, now becoming all the more literal through pussy hats and a bigger embrace by those who don't identify as female.

Since this shade has been retaining its power throughout every season's trend, it's only necessary to have fragrances to match. Luckily, major designers are feeling this inspiration as they develop new scents, leading to an array of potions which reinstate their color's magic with every spritz. Many of these use flower notes, matching where pink is most prominent in nature, but this actually perfectly coincides with one of Fall 2018's most prominent and groundbreaking trends, florals for fall. Read on to see ten reasons why a rosy perfume is just what you need to take you into cooler weather.

This fruity, floral fragrance, created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, attempts to capture the essence of the Londoner attitude. It opens with red and dark berries and finishes with dry amber and musk, with floral notes in between. The scent is as layered as Burberry's home city, but its appearance is a monochromatic pale pink, meaning it will match your minimalist Glossier collection perfectly.

This scent launched alongside Tom Ford's Spring 2019 collection and aims to be an olfactory journey into the forbidden. The heart, as the name implies, is a sweet and tart cherry, but balsam, tonka, and a touch of bitter almond provide a fleshy, lustful edge.

Raf Simons's first fragrance for Calvin Klein was bound to be as nuanced as his twisted Americana visions for ready-to-wear. It's a woody floral which celebrates a wide-ranging female experience, from current stars Saoirse Ronan and Lupita Nyong'o to past icons like Katharine Hepburn and Nina Simone. Featuring a striking eye emblem and targeting women of all backgrounds from the start, it looks and smells like confidence.

The name "Stories" seems to imply that there's more to the wearer than what meets the eye, an empowering message. The scent itself has oriental florals at its roots, but notes of pink pepper and pink guava mousse make for a striking, modern twist, helping you to show the world your true, layered essence.

The latest member of Gucci's Bloom family celebrates the intimate and authentic character of a woman. The Italian daydream blends rosy florals with woodier notes to carry you off to the Gucci Garden in Florence, or at least to a new level of bliss.

Audrey Hepburn's favorite fragrance is back and chicer than ever. Another woody floral, it brings elegance perfectly into fall, and its unapologetic boldness will give you the confidence to go out there and do exactly what you were planning to accomplish.

If you needed something to bring back that spark as the days get shorter and colder, consider this fragrance your key. Inspired by a pointillist painting, notes of florals, fruits, wood, and musk are all present, but they mix together for a perfectly cohesive whole. Spritz this on before bringing your  interests together to work on a creative project.

This fragrance dares to be provocative, if it wasn't already evident by the golden snake around the bottle's neck. Ylang-ylang, hot vanilla, popcorn, musk, and sandalwood create the seductive scent you've been craving, promising a new confidence the next time you take a night on the town.

Louis Vuitton wants to alter your reality. If you're sick of the same old perspective (and fragrance to match), cocoa powder, peonies, and patchouli aim to create a waking dream and revive your sense of wonder.

Fashion's enfant terrible wants you to spritz on a radically unchained new scent before you attend his "Fashion Freak Show," which recently opened at the Folies-Bergère. White flowers, honey, and patchouli create a concoction which promises an evening that's as wild as it is chic. Wear this during Halloweekend or any time you need a carefree night out.


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