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Issey Miyake Spring 2019

The brand's innovative new fabric came close to stealing the show
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Image courtesy of Issey Miyake

With materials always on his mind, Yoshiyuki Miyamae has eschewed a no-frills approach to clothing and made it fun again. With the debut of a fabric that bends, twists, and holds its latest molding (thus allowing for customization and personalization by the wearer), the vibrant, watercolor hues were hardly the focus of the show.

As Vogue reports that models fussed with their seemingly immobile collars and hats and changed their silhouettes mid-runway, the brand reminded us of the innovation that defines them, and also of the form-follows-function approach, they take to tailoring. Dresses seemed to just be sheaths of long fabric, and while the malleable pieces and bold color palette made the show ultra-Instagrammable, it never overshadowed the brand’s inherent minimalism.

See the rest of the runway looks below.


Photography by Frédérique Dumoulin



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