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Kendall Jenner Joins the Blonde Supermodel Club

In her first runway appearance all fashion month, the star debuted lighter locks at Burberry's Spring 2020 show.
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Photo via Instagram Stories / @kendalljenner

If you thought Bella Hadid's return to her (literal) roots would be the most headline-making blonde moment of fashion month, think again. After spending New York Fashion Week as an elite attendee, Kendall Jenner came back to the runway for Burberry's Spring 2020 show, surprising the world with noticeably lighter locks.

Jenner has always been more low-key with her beauty in comparison to her family, opting for her natural hair color and a fresh face as her sisters have taken turns going platinum, experimented with lip fillers and waist trainers, and worn makeup so dramatic that it's become a cultural phenomenon and led to several successful beauty brands. That appears to all change now, and all eyes will certainly be on the star model as she walks more shows and posts some fresh selfies to Instagram. Whether she is now a beauty chameleon like the rest of her family or this is a one-off change has yet to unfold, but Jenner's new hair is certain to be a topic of discussion for weeks to come in our modern, celebrity-obsessed culture.

Photo via Instagram / @burberry

While the world previously saw a blonde version of Jenner when she wore a platinum wig for a commercial, this time around the color job looks a lot more real. With warm undertones as is typical when lifting hair from a dark brown shade as well as some natural roots, it seems the new color could be here to stay—and potentially evolve—if the star decides she loves it. Not to mention, she posted a short video to her Instagram Stories with the caption "Hi," seemingly indicating she was introducing a new version of herself. On the runway, she debuted the new hair alongside a collared, white jacket featuring a "Burberry England" graphic, a black fringed midi skirt, and coordinating shoes and bag, creating an overall classic aesthetic that took a backseat to the headline-making beauty change. Obviously, we have yet to see what the model's style looks like off the runway following this change, but the styling seemed to signal business as usual outside of the glaring new detail, at least for now.

Burberry's collection as a whole continued to explore a more sensual vision of the heritage brand in Riccardo Tisci's third season as creative director. Fringe proved a motif throughout many of the collection's 108 looks, and the house's logos, historic designs, and iconic trenches found new life with playful sleeves, heavy use of silk, and plenty of easy takes on tailoring for women and men alike. Featuring a massive cast of top models including the Hadid sisters, the line seemed fit for a modern Britain with its diverse silhouettes and seamless blend of street-ready logos and elegant eveningwear motifs. The future of fashion is easy glamour with an ever-so-slight taste for spectacle, and Jenner's blonde debut is just additional proof.



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