Quincy Brown Spearheads Louboutin's New Sneaker Campaign

To celebrate the new Run Loubi Run collection, the actor and musician directed, produced, and starred in a film set to his own song.
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Christian Louboutin is continuing his foray into the world of sneakerheads. Though best known for his iconic pumps now immortalized in pop culture by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, he's brought his blood-red soles to a more casual setting through "Run Loubi Run," which debuted at Paris Fashion Week Men's in June 2018. For the new line's first campaign, the designer recruited multitalented creative Quincy Brown to direct, produce, and star in a short film showing the wonder and passion of the new sneakers.

The new film features nightclub-esque lighting, mostly in Louboutin's signature red, and is set to the thumping beats and smooth lyrics of Brown's upcoming single "Mosaic." Brown, as the film's protagonist, encounters several models standing in lit niches, like a red light district for fawning over sneakers. He shares fleeting dance moments with each one, and the connection with some of them is enough to make his shoes' red soles light up or even fly. It turns shoes into a powerful communicative tool, capable of fostering meaningful relationships.



 “Quincy had a specific vision from the beginning," Louboutin tells L'Officiel USA about collaborating on the new film. "He flipped a classic love story on its head to develop a narrative that speaks to the power of human connection, using shoes as a vehicle to transport love.” 

On February 12, Brown hosted a party for the new film at New York's Public Hotel, attracting a crowd including Winnie Harlow, TK & Cipriana Quann, and Vic Mensa in the middle of New York Fashion Week. The night featured screenings, dancing to music by DJ D-Nice, custom cocktails created with Avión Tequila, and of course, plenty of photo ops. Fittingly, Brown was wearing a pair of the new kicks all evening.

The Run Loubi Run women's and men's collections are available now, and from the looks of the film and the shoes themselves, the world of sneakers now has BLE (Big Luxury Energy). With a brand so famous for heels entering the running shoe market, expect to see fashion people who haven't yet embraced the trend giving it a try.



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