Rare Diamond Shapes are the Latest Engagement Ring Trend

Diamonds in different and unique shapes give an exclusive touch to the special order. Here are the engagement ring shapes of the moment.
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Looking to turn your engagement story into something even more? Flowers, candles, and elegant dinners are among the most romantic items, but a new trend is gaining prominence by transforming this moment in an unforgettable way. Rings with diamonds in rare and different shapes have become the great get by modern grooms, who choose the stone in unique ways and that perfectly translate the style of the contemporary bride.

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Versions in shapes such as triangular and hexagonal are becoming the most sought after in large jewelry stores, in a search for unique and singular aesthetics in order to create even more special pieces. It is the perfect way to combine the bold and creative side of cuts with the classic of a stone as timeless as diamond.

Innovative models also appear with the composition of other smaller stones in various formats, transforming the jewel into something even more stunning! Check out the diamond shapes that are on the rise below:

Triangular Diamond Engagement Rings



Hexagonal Diamond Engagement Rings



Diamond Drop Engagement Rings




Elongated Diamond Engagement Rings






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