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The Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in May 2020

From Michelle Obama's Netflix documentary 'Becoming' to season 5 of Showtime's 'Billions,' May will be your busiest movie and tv show watching month yet.
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May is filled with all the dramatic performances we need while we're bored in quarantine. Streaming sites and television networks like HBO, Netflix, and Showtime will not disappoint with their movies and TV show releases, featuring critically acclaimed actors like Paul Giamatti and introducing new, young faces like Madison Bailey. This month, we are also being introduced to new sides of actors, like Mark Ruffalo's latest role that deals with tragedy and family secrets. Along with Michelle Obama gracing our screens with her Netflix documentary based on her memoir Becoming, May is delivering us cinematic gifts and insightful stories. There's no shortage of cinematic gold this month. Wondering what to watch and stream this month when bored or avoiding work? Here is a list of movies and TV shows to pique your curiosity. 

Hollywood: Season 1

Released on May 1st, Ryan Murphy's new drama is making waves on Netflix's Top 10 in the United States. Set during the Hollywood Golden Age, a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers will do anything to become famous. His new take of post-World War II Hollywood features a diverse ensemble that one would've never imagined back then like Darren Criss, Laura Harrier, Jim Parsons. 

Betty: Season 1

After the success of teen drama series Euphoria, HBO has released their next young adult series. This time, it's a comedy. Released on May 1st, Betty centers on a diverse group of young women skateboarders as they navigate the male-dominated field in New York City. By its finale, we will all want to be a skater girl. 

Billions: Season 5

For all the finance fans out there, Billions reaired on Showtime this past Sunday. Emmy and Golden Globe winners Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis star in this drama that explores wealth and power in the world of high finance in New York City. Now renewed for a fifth season, you can bet that this season will be filled with more surprises than ever before. 


Former first lady Michelle Obama turns her best-selling memoir Becoming into a documentary. Now ready for you to stream on Netflix, Obama shares an intimate look into her life and hopes as she connects with others on her tour for her memoir. Make sure to bring your tissues as you switch between tears and laughs for this heart-warming tale.  

I Know This Much is True

Get ready to see Mark Ruffalo's remarkable performance twice in the new HBO serial drama, I Know This Much is True. Based on the bestselling novel by Wally Lamb, Ruffalo plays identical twin brothers who discover the truth to their family history filled with betrayal, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Although this is only a six-part limited series, you should still expect double the drama. The first episode is available to stream now.

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Ready to stream on Netflix on May 11th, Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelic is a documentary that recounts comedic tripping stories from various celebrities like the late Anthony Bourdain. From Ben Stiller who tried it once to Sting who tried it various times, get a glimpse into celebrities' personal trip tales. 

The Great: Season 1

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult join forces in this comedic take on history. Premiering on Hulu May 15th, this series depicts the rise of Catherine the Great (played by Fanning). This lighthearted period piece will surely be entertaining as we witness Catherine the Great's royal blunders and triumphs as a young girl in 18th century Europe. 


The film that stole all the awards and public's attention this year will finally be available to stream. This psychological thriller depicts the origin story of the most famous supervillain. Whether it's your first time watching or fifth, this film will be available to stream on HBO Now on May 16th. 

Since it couldn't premiere in theatres due to the pandemic, Lovebirds will now be released on Netflix this May 22nd. It features Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani as a couple on the verge of breaking up who unintentionally become involved in a murder mystery. With these actors being naturals in comedy, as proved by their hit shows Insecure and Silicon Valley, this action-comedy film will surely bring big laughs. 

AKA Jane Roe

Available to stream on May 22nd on Fox, this documentary on pro-choice versus pro-life will be the network's first documentary feature. Norma McCorvey or "Jane Roe" reveals her journey from an unwanted pregnancy to a plaintiff in the US Supreme Court's "Roe vs Wade" (1973) case that led to the ruling that individual state laws banning abortion were unconstitutional. This documentary will also be available to stream on Hulu the next day, May 23rd. 

Genius: Aretha

Tony and Grammy Award-winning actress Cynthia Erivo, who played Harriet Tubman in Harriet, will transform into Aretha Franklin on May 25th in National Geographic's new anthology docuseries on past iconic figures. As a bonus, we get to witness a plethora of extravagant fur coats and sequins that Franklin adored so much. 

Space Force: Season 1

After his comedic success with hit series The Office, Steve Carrell returns for a new workplace series set in space. Available to stream beginning May 29th on the Netflix, this sitcom will focus on a group of people tasked with establishing the US Space Force. Besides The Office memes, let's see what other funny memes Carrell will have all the way from space. 

Snowpiercer: Season 1

Now a global filmmaker after the success from Parasitedirector Bong Joon-ho's 2013 film Snowpiercer will be adapted into a drama series available to stream on TNT May 31st. Set in 2021, seven years after the world becomes a frozen wasteland, this upcoming series focuses on the remaining people who reside in a moving train that circles the globe. We're excited to see how Joon-ho's vision of a post-apocalyptic world will be adapted for American audiences as he solely resides as an executive producer for this series. 

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