Anna of the North is an Elfin Angel in "Dream Girl"

The fantastical nature of the Norwegian pop star's new video will literally make you feel like you're in a dream.
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Aligning with this decade's penchant for nostalgia in all its forms, Anna Lotterud AKA Anna of the North's new music video for "Dream Girl," the title track from her upcoming album, feels as if it were shot on film. Whether or not film was actually the medium of choice, this video satisfies all our deepest retrophilia needs. From fish-eye lens shots to a moonlit pool to Lotterud's elf ears, this dreamlike video is wonderfully weird. It features princess and fairytale vibes, complete with old-fashioned decor, a wedding-like white dress that sometimes pairs with an ominous veil, and also, a horse (which are apparently all the rage—looking at you, Bella Hadid). 

Anna of the North rose to popularity after the release of "Sway" in 2014, and she continued to gain traction after it was remixed by The Chainsmokers. She has since toured with Kygo and worked with Tyler, the Creator.  

The new video shifts gears from the last single, "Playing Games," in which she openly admitted to playing with her lover's heart so she could remain in control. Hot Girl Summer has come to an end, and "Dream Girl" Anna is softer, sadder, and has a little more heartache. 

Dream Girl is Lotterud's first album without longtime producer Brady Daniell-Smith, who she started working with while she was studying in Melbourne. It's part break-up album, part experimentation into finding her own sound.  

Enter into this new era of Anna of the North, and watch the video below:

Dream Girl is slated for release on October 25, just over two years after Lotterud's first album, Lovers, came out. After Dream Girl drops, Lotterud will be touring around northern Europe, including one show in her home country of Norway. 



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