CXLOE's Newest Single Is Your Toxic Summer Fling Anthem

It's an all-or-nothing kind of love, and it's going to make you "SICK."
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Aussie pop star on the rise CXLOE, best known for her breakout single "Show You" and time touring alongside Maroon 5, is back with her latest single, "SICK," premiering right here on L'Officiel USA. The dark-pop princess, who has been churning out sad bop after sad bop, has returned to once again tear into our hearts and keep us in our feelings. This time around, she's teamed up with Gnash, and the two take listeners through the all too relatable emotions of the all-or-nothing love in which we’ve all found ourselves entangled before. It’s the kind of love where nothing seems easy, and, honestly, maybe we don’t want it to be. Late-night sweats? Check. Heartache? Check. Sickness? Check. Put all that over a strong beat and top it off with CXLOE's hauntingly beautiful voice, and you've got the recipe for the anthem of your sad girl summer (and maybe even something to throw into the mix of your sad girl fall).

“The song ‘SICK’ is about loving too much and never wanting to show it. Never having that middle ground or normalcy within yourself because your emotions are extremes,” says CXLOE. “Sometimes we want to be showered in affection and jewels and dinners, and sometimes we just want that raw emotion of feeling sick over someone, like an obsession. That pit of your stomach sick.” Girl, same.

“SICK,” which she co-wrote with BOYBOY, is the sixth single the artist has released since bursting on the scene in 2017. Since then, she’s steadily ascended the ranks of pop music, receiving widespread recognition for her 2018 hit “Show You” and touring with big names like Broods and Maroon 5. Earlier this year, CXLOE flew the proverbial nest and embarked on her own tour as the headliner. Recently, news broke that she will be performing at Falls Festival and This That Festival, both in Australia.

In case it isn’t already clear, CXLOE should be on your radar (and your playlist). You can stream "SICK" below.

 We spoke with CXLOE to learn more about her latest soon-to-be hit and what we can expect from her in the future.

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Ryan Killian Krause: Tell us about this new song. What was the inspiration?

CXLOE: I wrote “SICK” based on my extreme personality and emotions, where there is no middle ground. I’m either zero or one hundred. I want all of it or none of it. I wanted to write a song that showed the intense feelings behind love and lust. I know there have been a million types of songs about love and wanting someone, but I wanted to put myself in the song and write my take on it.

The way I feel is that I either hate it or I love it. My emotions are intense and very unique. The word sick encompassed that really well – wanting to be loved until you feel sick or wanted to throw up.


RKK: Is there one person you had in mind while writing, or just a general mood?

C: “SICK” was more of a general mood! I wanted to explain the extreme feels I have when it comes to love and lust and this seemed like the perfect way to put it. I want it all or nothing at all.


RKK: Are you currently “sick” over someone? Or do people usually get sick over you?

C: I’m sick in love with my boyfriend of 6 years! He was definitely a driving inspiration for this song.


RKK: How would you describe your sound?

C: I would describe my sound as "dark pop." It took me a while to get there in the beginning. I was writing across all genres exploring my sound, and after a few trips to LA and experiencing various disappointments, the harshness of the city actually brought out a darkness in me. I had to put everything on the line and be vulnerable within myself to really write the songs that meant the most to me. Dark pop allows me to get that pop fix I crave as well as dive into the depth of my emotions.


RKK: Who are your musical inspirations? Who do you look up to in the industry?

C: I have quite a few artists who inspire me in the music industry. Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareilles have sonically and lyrically had a huge impact on me as a writer. BANKS and Tove Lo are two artists I also look up to, as I love their branding and how confident they are with their whole look and style.

RKK: You’ve opened for some big names. What’s it been like headlining your own tour now?

C: Scary! So scary as it’s all on you. As a supporting act there isn’t as much pressure. But it’s also so rewarding headlining your own show and knowing people actually bought tickets to see you. When I see people singing my lyrics back to me and enjoying the moment just as much as me, it’s priceless.


RKK: Favorite city you’ve ever performed in? Why?

C: Sydney! All my family and friends were there. It was so special.


RKK: Who is your dream collaboration, living or dead?



RKK: When was the first time you heard your song on the radio?

C: When I released my first song, "Tough Love," in 2017, it was played on a radio station here in Australia called Triple J. This was wild to me; I grew up listening to Triple J and couldn’t believe I was finally on it.


RKK: Favorite thing about LA? Least favorite thing about LA?

C: My favorite things are the buzz, the music culture, and the abundance of opportunities. My least favorite thing is the traffic.


RKK: First record you ever bought? Most recent record you bought?

C: My first record: Eva Cassidy - Songbird. Most recent: BANKS – III.


RKK: What’s something your fans don’t know about you yet?

C: I drink beer!


RKK: What’s next? Can we expect a full album soon?

C: Yes! I have been writing my ass off and I think I have enough songs for a greatest hits album. You can expect a body of work from me very soon!


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