5 Castles To Rent For Your Next Vacation

It’s official. You don't need to be royalty to live in a castle—at least, for a little while. The pre, current and post-Royal Wedding hype has inspired a sudden surge in the number of castles listed on AirBnB. From a chateau in Bordeaux and a 14th century castle in Tuscany to a fortress in the United States, here are the five most popular properties.
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Castle Borgia


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Photo: Press Release / Airbnb

The Borgia Castle is on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, overlooking Lake Trasimeno. It’s a popular choice for weddings and the property boasts a swimming pool and tennis courts. That being said, one can rent per-room as well.

Castle of Augill


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Whether you're renting a room, rooms or the entire property, this 19th century English castle has all the trimmings including a tower and Gothic windows. We recommend enjoying a glass of wine next one of its many open fireplaces.

Castle Bordeaux


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Located in a vineyard, Chateau Bordeaux is available for rent on an entire or per-room basis. The outdoor pool in the middle of the gardens is perfect for the ‘Gram, while the entertainment room (complete with a bar and pool table) will keep you busy as the sun goes down.

Castle La Chauverie


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Rock that Marie Antoinette (A.K.A. Kirsten Dunst) vibe as you stay at this luxurious seven-bedroom French chateau. Here, you can take a stroll through the neighboring vineyards or relax by the pool.

Aborn Castle


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Photo: Press Release / Airbnb

Talk about the American Dream. This New England castle is the realized dream of a lovely American family in 1918 who, like us, wanted nothing more than to live in a fortress of our own. From curated gardens to fountains and beautiful grounds, there is plenty of space to enjoy nature!

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