Eclecticism is the Move for Spring 2020 Nail Trends

During fashion month, designers showed off varying ways to rock a manicure next season, showing that in an era of fast-paced pluralism, there is no one way to stay ahead of the style curve.
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As its name implies, the primary focus of fashion week is the parade of collections that make their way down runways across the four-city circuit, but often just as fascinating at the shows are the beauty looks. Designers work closely with top hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail designers on bringing their creative visions to their full potential, and Spring 2020 was full of exciting concepts to match the wildly creative looks that headed down many top runways. Euphoria-style colored eyeliner made its way into several collections, and several individual shows created fantastical worlds with their beauty details: think the colored wigs that enhanced Jeremy Scott's spacey '80s romp, the maximalist golden eye looks Pat McGrath created for Valentino, and the exaggerated Twiggy lashes that showed up alongside some of Marc Jacobs' unapologetically fun and over-the-top creations as well as in European collections like Rixo and Olivier Theyskens.

This season, in addition to the hair & makeup that always grabs attention, nails proved to be a platform for creativity for Spring 2020. From Scott to Gucci to Marine Serre, every look was different but nonetheless beautifully complemented the accompanying collection's aesthetic. From this, it's evident that just like those of fashion as a whole, manicure trends are embracing an eclectic portfolio that will fit a mix of minimalist, maximalist, fanciful, and edgy aesthetics as the industry heads into a new decade. If your outfit doesn’t seem quite complete for some reason, take inspiration from some of the below nail looks for a truly compelling finishing touch.

Jeremy Scott

Bright and busy, these nails scream Jeremy Scott. The LA-based designer always has fun with his collections, and this season his philosophy has caught on with collections across the board that worry less about being serious. This type of design may be difficult to perfectly recreate on your own, but nail stickers or booking an appointment are surefire ways to embrace the colorful patterns that enhanced the models' intergalactic ensembles.

Kate Spade

The manicures at Kate Spade's influencer-filled weekend show were simple, but they provided a stunning and classic inspiration for spring. Each nail color matched the accent colors of the designs models were wearing, which might be an obvious choice but is a foolproof way to complete a look.


Khaite's Spring 2020 show was an eclectic selection of modern, decadent country dressing. To accompany the clothing's wild mix of pattern and texture, models exhibited a natural manicure, with just a top coat to add a finished shine. Balance is everything, so if you're trying out one of the season's more bold trends, a more lowkey approach to nails may be the perfect way to complement it.


Kith went subtle with the nail art for their latest runway. The brand's designs are reminiscent of streetwear and athleisure, so fitting to tendencies within that lifestyle, most of the models didn't have anything on their nails. Those who did showed off stripes of white at their cuticles, with a matte topcoat to remove any distracting shine. In modern times, it would definitely be captivating to wear a glam manicure with your joggers, but if you want to keep it casual, this look is a breeze to recreate.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone kept it simple with a black base, subtly accompanying their star-studded runway return full of rich hues and street-ready tailoring. While embracing the versatile power of black may be the most common thing in fashion, the white dots at the cuticle manage to grab attention without being overpowering.

Ulla Johnson

In a fascinating coincidence, the nails at Ulla Johnson were the color opposite of those at Kith. Black stripes curve along the top and sides of the nail, with a nude base creating simple class.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya

Zendaya's empowering, performance-filled collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger took inspiration from 1970s styles of power dressing. To complete the look, this model wore her nails long, which was popular in the '70s, but kept the color neutral. Pair your power suit with some nude claws and feel your confidence grow exponentially.

Roland Mouret

The French designer, who is a favorite of celebrities like Blake Lively and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, presented a New York-inspired, sustainability-focused collection this season, prioritizing personal style above trends in an array of optimistic, uptown-meets-downtown pieces. The nail look provided a lively complement with wave patterns to match the colorful jewelry.

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha's collection explored the St. Stephen's Day adventures of the Irish wren boys, highlighting their masculine playfulness as well as the heirlooms of the houses whose doors they knock on. A large part of this heritage quality was embroidering pearls onto dresses, shoes and hair accessories, and in a minimalistic yet decadent detail, these also made their way onto the tips of nails.


Alessandro Michele marked a new era this season at Gucci, provocatively showing a set of models in straitjackets before launching into the show's actual wares: a diverse collection that showed plenty of individuality but swapped quirkiness and pattern mixing for color blocking and an artsy sensuality. Keeping these futuristic elements in mind, the runway manicure featured contrasting colors with tiny hoops.

Saint Laurent

Anthony Vaccarello celebrated Saint Laurent's signature Rive Gauche style for Spring 2020, blending flowing silhouettes with tailoring and playing on this season's '70s trend with bohemian prints. Deep red, a bold classic in the sea of nail polish colors, was the perfect way to complete the look.

Marine Serre

Marine Serre's show conceptualized outfits for the apocalypse, using a lighter dose of her signature moon prints and a tidal wave of black to emphasize her point as much closer to the reality of climate change than one may initially think. No manicure was going to drive the point home like a long and pointy shape, which has become popular on the likes of Cardi B but gets a bold new meaning alongside the designer's realistic dystopian concept. 


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