You'll Never Guess Where You Can Find Gucci's Latest Collection...'The Sims'

As if this year didn't feel like a simulation enough, the Italian fashion house brings its sustainable Off the Grid collection to the virtual 'The Sims 4' universe.
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Using natural, recycled, bio-based, sustainable, and ethically sourced materials, Gucci’s Off the Grid project is taking the next level of its environmentally friendly initiative out of this world, literally. To lessen fashion’s impact on mother nature, Gucci partners with two content creators, Grimcookies and Harrie, for the first-ever virtual recreation of a sustainable fashion collection in The Sims 4 universe.

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Making its video game debut, Gucci’s player-made gaming collaboration with The Sims 4 community highlights the importance of sustainability, with Grimcookies recreating Off the Grid’s original campaign featuring Jane Fonda and captured by Harmony Korine. With virtually rendered copies of the garments, brand-name Gucci hats and shoes will be accessible for The Sims characters to adorn or use to decorate their environments. When players use Gucci Off the Grid products, they acquire a green eco-footprint, an environment score of 10, and an automatically elevated mood as praise for their environmentally ethical choices. Grimcookies provided a tutorial on how he constructed the Gucci-fied simulation on his Youtube channel.


Gucci Off the Grid | Grimcookies x Gucci | CC pack reveal + more

Another popular YouTube resident, London-based creator Harrie uploaded their own Sims x Gucci Off the Grid tutorial video for users. When reimagining the treehouse featured in the real-life campaign, the custom creator made sure to utilize (virtual) sustainable materials, such as wind turbines, upcycled wood, green-roofing, and recycled furniture.

Gucci Off The Grid

Gucci joins The Sims virtual fashion community following Moschino's collaboration with the video game last year. High fashion has also expanded into the virtual world of Animal Crossings New Horizonswith Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and more designers partnering with the video game to create virtual versions of the brands' real-life clothes.



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