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Natural Wines to Shop for Every Taste

These eight natural wines will get you started on your journey towards a drinking practice that feels as good as it tastes.
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Who doesn’t love a good new trend? Today, we’re here to talk about the latest trend in wine: natural wines. In an age when natural beauty products and organic foods are increasingly popular, it only makes sense that the world is beginning to pay attention to what goes into their glass of vino.

What is natural wine, you ask? The definition is a little...complicated. Most people have agreed that the phenomenon began in rural France, but there’s some dispute over what constitutes wine as natural. The basic premise of this is that natural wine is created using very minimal technological or chemical intervention; neither adding nor removing anything while the wine is in the cellar. Sometimes sulfites are added in small quantities, but differently from how they are used in conventional winemaking. Natural wine is typically unfiltered, giving it a cloudy quality.

While we don't claim to be the authority on what makes a natural wine, we have done some research and digging so that you don’t have to. Below is a list of eight natural wines to shop so you can try out the trend. Enjoy! (Responsibly, of course.)

Donkey and Goat

Alveare, Fenaughty Vineyard Marsanne, 2018

Donkey and Goat is based in Berkeley, CA, and has been making natural wines since 2004. Alveare is a Marsanne wine and features bright notes, an inner earthiness, and a minerality. This sounds just like what one might enjoy on an outdoorsy weekend away.

Alveare, $38, Donkey and Goat

Day Wines

Cancilla Vinyard Pinot Noir, 2015

Day Wines, located in Dundee, OR, has only been around since 2012 but has made quite a splash in the natural wine world. This pinot noir has both floral and spicy aromas and has a robust flavor. This is perfect for a Scorpio who wants to show their friends (and Co-Star) that they are more than meets the eye.

Pinot Noir, $42, Day Wines

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Elimelech, Riesling, Cole Ranch, 2018

Another California wine, Ruth Lewandowski's take on a riesling is a must-try. Elimelech, as it's called, is both dry and richly textured. It's a true glass of sophistication that would fit right into an art event.

Elimelech, $32, Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Subject to Change

Coastview Chardonnay, 2017

Subject to Change is another northern California natural wine gem. According to their website, this chardonnay will please both lovers and skeptics. Why not give it a shot?

Chardonnay, $38, Subject to Change

Benjamin Taillandier

Six Roses, 2017

This is the first wine on our list that comes from outside the United States. Benjamin Taillandier's Six Roses comes from the south of France, and the grapes are all harvested by hand. This rosé has a fruity flavor, with floral hints. Shop this natural wine for something that fits your millennial pink aesthetic but is anything but basic.

Six Roses, $21, Benjamin Taillandier


Campi Flegrei, Piedirosso, 2017

This natural wine comes from the volcanic hills of southern Italy. Campi Flegrei is described as off-dry, and has a sweetness to it, though it's not a sweet wine, per se. 

Campi Flegrei, $28, Agnanum

Paul Dethune 

Rose Grand Cru Champagne, 

Why not try this Paul Dethune champagne rosé? The only sparkling natural wine on this list, this wine is sure to please with aromas of red berries with some spicy notes, too. Whether it's the holiday season or the middle of summer, this would be the perfect thing to bring to a party.

Brut Rose, $63, Paul Dethune

Anne et Jean-François Ganevat

Montferrand, Savagnin, Anne et Jean-François Ganevat, 2016

The last natural wine on our list comes from the Jura region of France, located in between Burgundy and Switzerland, produced by Anne and Jean-François Ganevat. This wine has sweet, nutty notes, with some floral elements, as well. 

Montferrand, $84, Anne et Jean-François Ganevat



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