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5 Meditation Apps to Help You Relax

Deepen your sense of relaxation with these helpful meditation apps.
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We've all been there: you're in bed casually scrolling through your Instagram feed when suddenly it's 2 a.m. and you've been watching baking tutorials for four hours. The mind's ability to wander, especially before bed, can be the difference between the restful night's sleep and a cranky next morning. Sometimes, the bigger issue is the inability to calm your brain and let it rest. One minute you're trying to sleep and the next you can't stop thinking about when the second season of Bridgerton is coming out. Luckily, meditation can be a huge ally in this battle.

The best part about meditation is that you don't have to do anything. There are no rules, so can't go wrong. While, for many, meditation can seem daunting, all you have to do is focus on the leading voice and the rest is automatic. If you're looking for some easy ways to start your meditation journey, check out these five apps.



Are you still a bit skeptical about meditation? Try Headspace. The app features cheerful illustrations, animations, and tips while a soothing British voice guides you through the different stages and tells you what to do. After the ten free sessions, you can decide if the app is right for you and subscribe.


Everyday, news of the chaos and struggles around the world reaches us as easily as a phone notification. After a while, the onslaught of negativity can have a lasting impact on your mental state. Therefore, Happify helps you foster a more positive attitude towards life. After you answer some questions about your vision of life and meditation, the app suggests meditation exercises you can do to become happier.

MyLife Meditation

"How are you feeling today?" the app asks that every time you open it. MyLife Meditation is a good way to reflect on your feelings, and, fortunately, it responds with a number of suitable suggestions on how to lift your mood.

Meditation Timer Pro

If you've ever fallen asleep while meditating, you're certainly not the first, and while a phone alarm is good for waking up in the morning, ending a meditation with such an abrupt sound can reverse all of the calming work you've just done. Instead, Meditation Timer Pro allows you to customize your meditation experience, with easy start and stop timers to begin and end your session. The app costs $1.99.


As you open the app, you're greeted, "Take a deep breath." After, you will be provided soothing background sounds that you can turn on as you are working, going to sleep, or following a guided meditation. The app is mainly for people who have already mastered meditation a bit, as it is less guiding than most apps.



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