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See Your Beauty Horoscope for 2020

Astrology expert Susan Miller shares her sign-specific beauty tips for the start of the new decade.
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Wondering what's in the stars for you in 2020? With the reign of apps like Co-Star Astrology fueling everyone's obsession with celebrating their signs, it's hard not to wonder where the zodiac could be leading you in the new decade. L'Officiel USA has teamed up with world-famous astrologer Susan Miller to predict your 2020 horoscope, and it's going to be a big year full of love, sex, money, and looking beautiful, no matter your sign.

Along with Miller's predictions, we're sharing the breathtaking beauty looks that will turn heads in the new year (and the decade beyond). From bold new lip colors to neon blush, Miller's zodiac-tailored recommendations are the perfect personalized way to share your 2020 horoscope in style.


SUSAN SAYS: Honestly, Aries simply can’t lose in 2020. They are about to zoom straight up the ladder of success. They can expect praise, enviable publicity, and applause for work well done. They are going to be rewarded beyond their expectations for their hard work this year.

BEAUTY TIP: You hear that, Aries? You can't lose in 2020, which means it's time to take some risks, and we don't just mean in your professional life. Why not try a bold new lip as you're preparing yourself for all the praise to come? Shades of scarlet, purple, and marsala have been particularly popular as of late.


SUSAN SAYS: For Taurus, 2020 will be the time to travel. Take advantage of this. Taurus is going to need packable items. They need their whole beauty routine but smaller. They need sunscreens.

BEAUTY TIP: Nothing adds a little glamour to a travel beauty routine like a red lip—try a seductive red pout, instead of a glossy one—or a light orange-leaning one. Or a matte, cool red lip always gives a look that old school elegance.


SUSAN SAYS: Gemini is going to make so much money in 2020. But it's not in salaries—it's in commissions and in bonuses and it's in tips. This is their year money-wise.

BEAUTY TIP: Splurge in the beauty department by trying something new. Why not have your lips shine as bright as your new coin? Semi-matte lips (in a multitude of shades to match everyone's skin tones) area bold new style, as well as euphoric, colorful, bold highlighter.


SUSAN SAYS: Cancers are most likely to get married in 2020. Not looking for a partner? They'll be applying that same beautiful energy to finding an agent, collaborator or writing partner.

BEAUTY TIP: The smudged or "blooming" lip. This lipstick application method, which concentrates lipstick in the center of the lip and smudges it outwards, creates a lovely “just-kissed” effect. Try it with a peachy pink lipstick.


SUSAN SAYS: Leos are just coming off a wonderful romantic year. They are going to be really into health and fitness. They'll also be getting all the assignments that everyone wants. Not that this will necessarily lead to all the money and prestige, but if they work hard, it will.

BEAUTY TIP: Leos will embrace their natural, healthy flush with hydrated, "I just did a 90-minute yoga class" skin. Go for lightly pinkish cheeks and rose-hued lips.


SUSAN SAYS: It's a wonderful, wonderful year for love for Virgos; they really win the jackpot. They are going to be beaming constantly.

BEAUTY TIP: Whether love or family, Virgos are bound to have a growing to-do list in 2020. The one surefire way to keep a beauty routine fuss-free is flawless, clean, slightly dewy skin with a slightly ombre lip. So say goodbye to hours of contouring and hello to the natural glow of your skin by streamlining your skincare routine. Pale pink lips and nude and blush tones keep a Virgo pretty and flawless.


SUSAN SAYS: The Libras are moving! They're walking around with paint samples, counter samples, fabric samples. Or if they're staying where they are, they have the chance to make their dream home.

BEAUTY TIP: With the new paint for your home, why not try a little new paint for your face? In 2020, neon blush—in shades of hot pink and hot orange—will be popping up on cheekbones like it’s the nineties once again.


SUSAN SAYS: Scorpios' ability to communicate well could make or break next year. They should start a podcast, write a book, or something similar. They're the negotiators of the Zodiac: their ability to communicate and negotiate is shining.

BEAUTY TIP: While you’re broadcasting your opinions, use vibrant colors to communicate your bold beauty look. Think a head-turning lip tone like a romantic red.


SUSAN SAYS: Last year was Sagittarius’s Emerald Year: everything was golden except money. But in 2020, they're coming into their best financial year for money in over a decade.

BEAUTY TIP: Show off that everything is finally golden now—including money and beauty—by sporting this season's new take on bronzer, which is an all-over Island-ready glow with a matching lip to boot, turning you into a sun-drenched goddess.


SUSAN SAYS: In 2020, Capricorn is building a foundation for the rest of their lives. It's a serious time because they're working very hard for their goals, but this year, Jupiter will go into Capricorn, so they get so many lucky breaks. Their optimism and energy returns and they are starting to see the fruits of their labors. This is a very light trend that will last all of 2020 to buoy them up and make them feel gratified for their future.

BEAUTY TIP: Nothing says serious like a nude lip, and luckily, it's still in style (isn't it always?). If a simple nude isn't your thing, go for a peachy pink shade, which is universally flattering.


SUSAN SAYS: Aquarius is in preparation for their next big year in 2021. They'll start the process that Capricorn is doing right now—committing to important goals—when they don't want life to be the same late March, April, May, and June.

BEAUTY TIP: Preparation for a successful year ahead takes a lot of work, so why not keep the rest of your life simple with a monochromatic eye and lip combination. But simple doesn't need to be boring: albeit peachy-browns are always a safe bet and a strong, edgy eye.


SUSAN SAYS: Pisces is in an incredibly fortunate career year. They're making one incredible accomplishment after another. They are a reserved sign, like Virgo, but they're starting to see their name in lights. They're going to make so many new friends, and the new friends are going to be good for them—real close friendships, and that's so nice. They'll encourage them to strive for their dreams.

BEAUTY TIPS: Show off your new friends and your accomplishments by sporting one of the more outrageous beauty trends of 2020: go for a bold brow that means business.


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